ParlorPlay Home Page

History of Changes

One nice thing about a web-based service is that I can make improvements continually, and you never have to reinstall anything!

2005-02-04Fixed a problem with occasional lost connectivity when the player list is generated, as at login.
2004-10-01Fixed a bug in ParlorBot which allowed some dastards to trick her into playing matches longer than 15 points.
2004-07-16Modified Apache's KeepAliveTimout, as it seems to have been causing some instances of lost connections and poor performance.
2004-01-23ParlorBot multiplies! The long-standing FIBS bots mgnu_advanced, mgnu_expert and mgnu_WClass are now running (at the request of their original author Maareyes) with ParlorBot software, and are hosted by webrunner who also operates
2004-01-19ParlorBot gets an upgrade to a recent development version of GnuBG-0.14, which should increase her playing strength a bit.
2003-12-17Fixed a problem where sound, and also clicking in the board to roll, might not work with some browsers.
2003-07-07In case you are wondering why things have been quiet, I am working on an alternative to the FIBS server. This will take some time, but the result will be huge benefits in terms of features, performance, reliability and scalability.
2003-06-24ParlorBot can now chat! It uses an "Alicebot" AIML chat engine.
2003-06-17Implemented the first sound effects, most noticeably for login, dice rolls, doubles, resignations and non-shouted messages.
2003-06-14Implemented a menu bar and removed the now-obsolete "Go..." button and dialog. Also removed the AutoOff, AutoRoll and Filter buttons as those features are now in the menus.
2003-06-05Added an experimental error recovery feature to deal with cases where network delays cause the browser to time out. If things seem to be frozen, click "Go..." and then "Error recovery".
2003-06-05The right mouse button now works for moving the lower die value. Also the dice are now always displayed with the higher number on the left, for consistency with the mouse button positions.
2003-06-05Your dice now always roll on the right side of the board, regardless of which side is your home. Apologies to left-handed players. :-)
2003-06-03You can now select animation speed (for dice and checker movement) in your profile.
2003-06-02Fixed a bug with dragging checkers when your home is on the right.
2003-06-02ParlorBot is now able to resign and accept resignations, and its playing strength is improved with minimal impact on speed; its rating goes over 2000.
2003-05-24ParlorBot climbs to a rating of 1805 as some minor fixes are made.
2003-05-23ParlorBot starts playing rated matches with a newbie rating of 1500.
2003-05-22Our GnuBG-based robot ParlorBot is now running experimentally on FIBS, available for unrated matches.
2003-05-14Added RepBot's opinion to the invite-response dialog.
2003-05-14Many windows now have nicer backgrounds.
2003-05-13Added JellyFish-format download of games and entire matches, and FIBS-format download of entire matches. Tested with GnuBG.
2003-05-12Speeded up animations of the dice and checkers, to promote faster play.
2003-05-11Worked around a FIBS server bug that would occasionally cause events to be lost. Reversed the order of this list.
2003-05-10Added game downloading using FIBS Oldmoves format. Fixed a bug where data sent to the server could sometimes be lost, causing various weird problems.
2003-05-08Added an experimental game display that you can get to from a list of games (Click "Game Analysis", select a match, then a game, and then the game detail).
2003-05-05Improved match reporting to consolidate resumed matches. Fixed a couple of bugs in match and game reporting.
2003-05-04Match and game history are now available. Click "Game Analysis" in the navigation frame. This is summary level only, game play details will be added soon.
2003-05-01Matches are now being recorded to disk. No viewing or downloading tools are available yet, but they will come. If you have any special desires, let me know!
2003-04-30We now die less horribly if unable to connect to FIBS.
2003-04-27FAQ update regarding FIBS settings affected.
2003-04-27Added this page.
2003-04-27Added recall buffer for main text input area (up- and down-arrow support).
2003-04-26Added right-click to move lower die number, but it's not very useful because the browser's context menu tends to get in the way.
2003-04-24Added popup dialog to prompt for next game of a match.
2003-04-24Added 800x600 theme, finally!
2003-04-18Added "How to Play" page, revised home page and FAQ.
2003-04-18Made login IDs case-insensitive.
2003-04-18Added ability to recover a lost password or login.
2003-04-18Added change-password feature.
2003-04-08Initial release of web site with backgammon.